CLF British Columbia is connected to the larger global network of the Carbon Leadership Forum, which brings together 5000+ professionals from 2500+ companies, 75+ countries, and 1000+ cities around the world. 

CLF British Columbia

CLF British Columbia (formerly CLF Vancouver) is a local hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum, established in 2019, and is also part of the Zero Emissions Innovation Centre (ZEIC). CLF British Columbia has been a role model for other CLF regional hubs across the world and has played a key role in the City of Vancouver’s efforts to significantly reduce embodied carbon for new buildings by 2030.

Anthony Pak founded CLF Vancouver in 2019 as the Embodied Carbon Network (ECN Vancouver).  CLF British Columbia's reach has grown to extend beyond the Metro Vancouver region, and in 2022, with funding from the City of Vancouver and Forestry Innovation Investment, CLF British Columbia was adopted as a program area of ZEBx.  We will continue to provide events that empower industry professionals to radically reduce embodied carbon from buildings and infrastructure. Additionally, we will provide resources, tools, and platforms to facilitate and accelerate the reduction of embodied carbon in our built environment.

Our events and resources are aimed at a diverse mix of professionals, including architects, engineers, general contractors, home builders, sustainability consultants, material suppliers, building owners, and policymakers. We host monthly events, including webinars and in-person networking events. Our webinars and resources include educational presentations, case studies, low-carbon guides, and interactive group discussions that address a range of topics relating to embodied carbon. We aim to increase local industry capacity to design and construct buildings and infrastructure that radically reduce embodied carbon. Our resources page will be updated regularly throughout the year, and updates will be shared via our monthly newsletter.

Since our first event in April 2019, we have organized 20+ events, built up a local network of 400+ professionals, and inspired 25+ cities around the world to create CLF local hubs.

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