The Embodied Carbon Exchange offers a place for open discussion relating to the daily challenges we face designing, developing and constructing low embodied carbon buildings.

About the Embodied Carbon Exchange

The Embodied Carbon Exchange is our newest initiative, bring your questions and join us for this bi-monthly group discussion event that connects a diverse range of building industry stakeholders, including architects, structural engineers, developers, manufacturers, policy makers, and sustainability consultants. Our focus is on open-ended, informal discussions about real-world, on-the-ground problems related to reducing embodied carbon in building construction projects.

At the Embodied Carbon Exchange, attendees have the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences, and learn from one another in a collaborative, supportive environment. All questions welcome, even those that may not have an answer. We believe that by bringing together a variety of perspectives and expertise, we can identify innovative, effective solutions to the complex challenges of reducing embodied carbon in the built environment.

Key Topics

Software Tools

Baseline Definition

Circular Economy


Biogenic Materials



Exchange Hosts

The Embodied Carbon Exchange is hosted on rotation by our team of coordinators. 

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