The Embodied Emissions Peer Network was created in 2022 by CLF BC, and is for local government staff and invited guests to get together with the common goals of knowledge and resource sharing.

About the Embodied Emissions Peer Network

This network is currently administered by the CEA and is an exclusive local government peer network, not for the private sector, which brings together people from over 30 countries and 100 cities around the world.

The peer network meets quarterly, with guest speakers from industry and academia invited to each session. Sessions are two hours long and include a workshop portion that allow government staff to develop and troubleshoot policy ideas with other members from other local governments.

Topics of Discussion

This peer network was created in 2022, and current topics for discussion include:

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Embodied Carbon Exchange

The Embodied Carbon Exchange offers a place for open discussion relating to the daily challenges we face designing, developing and constructing low embodied carbon buildings.

Embodied Emissions Research Network

The Embodied Emissions Research Network offers a place for those working in embodied carbon research to share knowledge, collaborate on initiatives and eliminate the duplication of research.

The Embodied Emissions Peer Network is a collaboration with Community Energy Association.