The Embodied Emissions Research Network offers a place for those working in embodied carbon research to share knowledge, collaborate on initiatives and eliminate the duplication of research.

About the Embodied Emissions Research Network

The Embodied Emissions Research Network brings together leading researchers in whole-building life cycle assessment (wbLCA), embodied carbon policy development, low carbon material procurement, along with tool developers and data harmonizers. In a rapidly evolving world, it is easy for research efforts to both diverge and also duplicate. This group seeks to build connections within the community and connect those providing funding opportunities to those seeking funding for research projects. Through this research network, we hope to see convergence across industry in methods, processes, baseline data, and terminology. If you work in any of these areas and wish to be part of these meetings, please contact us.

Connect & Discuss

Bringing Together Leaders In:

Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment (wbLCA)

Embodied Carbon Policy Development

Tool Developers

Data Harmonizers

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Embodied Carbon Exchange

The Embodied Carbon Exchange offers a place for open discussion relating to the daily challenges we face designing, developing and constructing low embodied carbon buildings.

Embodied Emissions Peer Network

The Embodied Emissions Peer Network is a place for local government staff and invited guests to get together with the common goals of knowledge and resource sharing.